An extension to our MAS “Medical Assistance Software”, this Mortgage Redemption Insurance “MRI” project contains sophisticated features that automatically prepares the Life Premium Fees and COCs of the Borrowers in an instant. Integrated with Borrower Billing and Payment recording, Beneficiary Insurance allocation and Death Claim processing this project delivers the full specs and ease of data management for MRI Policies.


This software is exclusively designed to cover critical cases such as death or disablement. See what we have stored as a built-in features of this software package.

Account Management

Holds different types of industries such as Banks, Life Insurance Companies, Loaning Companies etc.

Custom Based Premium Setup

Handles multiple level of setting up a premium, it covers the Age eligibility ruling, Documentary Stamp Tax (DST), per Thousand and Fixed Premiums. Tailored to fit the specific algorithm to automate premium rates.

Member Management

A comprehensive Member module that captures the Member enrollment natively or from a third party applications through the use of its feed file template, a template the covers both New and Renewal Membership.

Death Claims Processing

Automate the adjudication process of Death Claim posting all the way to Check / Payment preparation to Beneficiaries. Since this application covers the Beneficiary setup from Member Management Level, it allows our Death Claim module to easily produce and in accuracy during Payment transmittal.

With Billing & Financial GL Entries Support

Packed with reports, MRI software covers and supports most of the significant financial reportorial requirement of a Life Insurance Organization. It also produces a system generated GL entries that can be exported and be used by another Financial Software.

Independent Cashiering Module

Inclusive of Payment Registration / Posting, this module is tightly integrated with the Billing module making it easy to close AR entries and recording of payment funds and negative payment posting.


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