A Data Transformation Service (DTS) that supports almost any front-end / back-end applications.
It was designed to provide a high degree of customization and integration support to their AS/400 Life Asia software which allows them to customize almost all of their reportorial requirements and manage those reports all the way to printing and batch email sending.
In a nutshell, the illustration below describes how our MiddleApp mines data and maximizes the content of Life Asia, producing complex report from Welcome Policy Letters, Contracts, Bancassurance, etc.


Beyond what is expected, MiddleApp also delivers a powerful solution as it expands it’s capability to do the following:

MiddleApp as Policy Contract Printing Agent

An application that organizes all reports that will be available per Policy or Member, it covers a pre-defined business rules that allows this app to identify which Welcome Letters, Policy Contracts or Reports a certain Policy Holder will receive and sort them all in order for automatic printing or batch printing processing.

Data File Management

Middleapp also covers file management features, from organizing a PDF document to be used for email attachments upto the preparation of the feed files that the third party apps will use. Inclusive with the fundamental methods for naming, storing and handling files and automating the folder naming strategies, along with good metadata practice, our MiddleApp Data File Management stands out as one of its best feature.

MiddleApp as Data Exporter

As part of our IT services to provide data mining, this application is natively designed to translate and export its gathered contents to the required feed file of SUN Accounting System, Microsoft Great Plains or SAP which makes it flawless to transfer data from one software to another.

Email Notification and Automation

We are using an enterprise solution for sending e-mail as a supporting tool for our MiddleApp Project and SQL Server Database Mail allows to easily integrate the custom rules that BDO Life has in terms of how they want to schedule the push email and the qualified document attachment that goes out for each policy.

How it Works

See how our MiddleApp evolves from a toolkit to an enterprise grade solution.


A Key element in upgrading database or system software is the translation of data from one format to another.
We greatly value the data, the accuracy of its content and transitions from old applications, providing a migration strategy to enable our clients to address their business needs in the best way. Depending on the platform of data to be managed, we offer data conversion, data cleanup, data loading, data extraction, and most importantly, data encryption services that our client can avail in terms of our Data Mining Services.