Already have a back-end system but don't have an app to support it? Health Plan Kit helps the HealthCare Industry by expanding the capability of their back-end (legacy) system using modern day technology and web services. Health Plan Kit is designed specifically to support a multi-level database architecture and uses the latest technology available on the Cloud / Web Services solutions.

Designed for Members

Health Plan Kit is specifically designed to address the sole requirement of a Member of a Health Organization.

API Driven Web Services

The Health Plan Kit Web Services allows developers to interact with its data in their own backroom applications, products and services.

Editable API Layers

A Multi-Layered data grid supports your Internal Operation Business Rule so that you won't have to adjust your back-end system.

Cloud Server Application

Health Plan Kit is an enterprise-grade application infrastructure platform designed for businesses of any size.

Uses a Powerful Database Web Service Backend

Health Plan Kit uses and recommends SQL and Oracle Database Servers.

Supports SQL Engine Data encrypting tool

Our Web Services supports the use of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology for SQL Server Database.


Health Plan Kit mobile app is also equipped with the following functionalities that delivers the best tool for Health Care industry. There’s more to Health Plan Kit but we can share to you the highlights below:
  • Member Profile
  • Member Health ID / Card
  • Benefit Plan Details
  • Benefit Plan Consumptions
  • Benefit Availments
  • Excess in Benefits
  • Request for Medical Claim Transactions
  • Accredited Doctors finder
  • Accredited Hospital and Clinics finder
  • Map view display of Accredited Networks
  • Hospital Coordinators finder
  • Request Call Back
  • Request for LOA / Guarantee Letter
  • Integrated with custom Eligibility feature
  • With built-in Chat room
  • Reimbursement Claim
  • 3 ways notification feature (Email, SMS, Native to app)
  • Call Our HotLine
  • Products and Services Display
  • How to’s and FAQ’s
  • How to avail of our Products and Services
  • How to process Reimbursement Claim

We can do more, just let us know!



We do have a live version of this app available only in the Appstore. Leave us a note and we'll get back to you. Let's begin working together to help you further understand our Products / Solutions.

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