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MARCH 2017

A lightweight tablet version of MAS available on Android devices caters the features of Auto Eligibility, LOA Approval and Claims Processing which now leverages their service platform to a greater degree as we continue to innovate our ways in the industry.

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MARCH 2017

Available on both iOS and Android devices, this mobile application connects Generali closer to their Providers as it provides great ease of Member Eligibility and LOA Issuance. It moves even further by allowing the doctors to post their request for payments for processed / rendered Claims online using the app.

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MARCH 2017

Designed and Developed by TopLogic, a lightweight mobile app but powerful enough to capture the most critical point of Referral recording.

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Our products

HMO Enterprise Software A Software Suite designed specifically to cater the wide range of healthcare services through their network of providers and membership / corporate claim processing.

An end to end solution that combines leading edge database technologies and built-in mobile and web integration into a single solution. The architecture is designed to complement seamless modular integration across all its software components (Backroom System, Web Portal and Mobile Platform). It also embraces the full automation of underwriting process and streamlining of the claims operation on a more efficient approach to administer medical health claims, life death claims, pre-authorization processing, customer servicing, call tracking, network of providers accreditation management and reporting features.

With this, it brings our HMO Software Suite one of the most powerful solution available in the market today.

Mobile Health Claim App An app designed for simplicity with sophisticated functionalities in the benefit of the Members and HMO Companies

A native Health Claim Mobile Application for iOS and Android Platform. Putting all native business rules of an HMO Organization on a mobile degree platform. A two way app designed for (1) Member which covers viewing of live Benefit Coverage, Accredited Networks (including Doctor Schedules), Eligibility Check-up and Scheduling of Service. and (2) field Liaison or Claims Processor which also covers Processing of Claims, Benefit Approval Process and Assessment of Member Benefit Coverage.

Payroll and Accounting Softwares Comprises of 3 Software Products that integrates the front and back-end of the full Accounting Process. It includes (a) Inventory & Procurement System, (b) HR and Payroll System and (c) GL Bookkeeping System.

HR and Payroll Software. A solution in one powerful software that is designed to maximize data accuracy and efficiency. The software contains a full demographic in employee profiles, a timekeeping module that utilizes a Biometric finger scanner or hand scan technology, and a payroll processing module that is directly linked with timekeeping to facilitate automatic computation of gross earnings and deductions based from attendance records.

GL Accounting and Procurement with Inventory System is a software developed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers to increase their efficiency. It is fully integrated with full accounting entries that delivers accurate and timely financial information that companies need in order to accelerate management processes and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Other Software Packages Our expertise in business and systems analysis integrated with software design and implementation services enabled us to successfully deploy several software products with 100% full utilization.

  • School Software Suite integrated with Accounting Back-end for University of Manila, South Eastern College, Manuel L Quezon University and Metropolitan Medical Center - College of Arts, Science and Technology

  • Memorial Park Automation System for Prudentialife Memorial Park, Inc.

  • Memorial Service Contract System for Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes, Inc. and Funeraria Paz

  • Optima Trust Fund and Stock Trading Software for Bonds, Equities, Securities and Tradings, Inc.

  • Membership and Liquidation Financial Software for Philippine Exporters Confederation

  • Medical Oncology Web Service and PCS eScreen System for Philippines Cancer Society, Inc.

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